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Do It Yourself Timber Decking - What Materials & Timber to Use

Are you seeking to construct your very own lumber deck in Australia? Listed below, you will find guidance and suggestions from a knowledgeable deck contractor in concerns to what woods and hardware you can choose from to develop your brand-new lumber deck.


There are many Australian and Imported lumbers to pick from when building your brand-new deck or outdoor structure. When choosing what lumber and products to use you must think about the environment, what the structure will be used for, the size of the area and the surrounding structures.

Identified Gum

Found Gum is a very hard wood and is for that reason used in many big commercial tasks and applications. It has a high resilience score versus insects and is sourced from the Eastern States of Australia.


Blackbutt is a wood that is also sourced from the Eastern States of Australia. It can trigger problems in locations with complete sunshine and for that reason must be frequently sealed. Blackbutt is normally light in colour.


Jarrah is perfect for hot and severe environments such as Western Australia , the Northern Territory and Queensland. It is normally more pricey than other lumbers although is rather popular because of the big variety of colours and a high resilience ranking. Jarrah will carry out best in locations with cover from the rain.


Merbau wood is normally more cost effective than most other woods on the marketplace. It also resistant to rot and termites, and whether sealed or not it flourishes in almost any environment.

Composite Timber

Composite is a made lumber constructed from a mix of plastics and recycled wood. There are a variety of different makers on the marketplace and every one varies somewhat. Keep in mind that not all composites are fit to hot environments so make sure that you consult with a professional before choosing a composite wood.

Dealt with Pine

Dealt with Pine is Pine that has been treated with a chemical mix that supplies resistance to insects and decay. It is readily available in a range of sturdiness scores so guarantee you contact the maker before selecting.

Recycled Timber

Recycled lumber is used lumber which has been restored from old or changed lumber structures. The wood is invigorated so it appears like brand-new. In addition, it is eco-friendly and will be special in visual appeals.


Decking Stirrups

Stirrups are used to support your decking substrate and it is necessary that you pick the proper stirrups and install them with quality craftsmanship to guarantee your deck is strong and tough.


Fast set concrete must be used for decking substrates.


Guarantee that you pick Stainless Steel 304 grade screws. Wing-Tek screws need to be used when connecting lumber to metal. / Check for more reviews / screws & drills from the best:


Galvanised bolts are usually advised.


As soon as your deck has been developed it needs to be frequently preserved with a quality wood sealant. The frequency that you seal your deck will be reliant on your option of wood and your environment/climate.