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Aerials & Amplifiers

We have a large selection of over 100 types of aerials, ranging from contract aerials to large High gain Aerials. We also stock specialised aerials such as Grid and Mobile/ Marine type. FM and DAB Aerials in variety of types, as well as a range of Indoor type Aerials.
  • Contract Aerials
  • Triax Yagi-Range
  • Freeview Boxes
  • Antiference TC-Range
  • Wolsey QR-Range
  • Televes Pro-Range
  • Antiference DX-Range
  • Triax Unix Range
  • Blake High Gain Aerials
  • Grid(Anti-Ghost) Aerials
  • FM Aerials-AM Aerials
  • DAB Aerials
  • Set Top/DIY Range
  • Mobile & Marine Aerials
  • Antiference XG-Range

Scantec provide a substantial range of Masthead Amplifiers, ranging from low gain to extreme High Gain. A number of cascadeable types, as well as a variety of input configurations incorporating FM & DAB, as well as Diplexed type mastheads. We also stock a large range of distribution Amplifiers for large communal aerial systems.

  • Masthead Amplifiers
  • Plug-in Amplifiers
  • Plug-in Amplifiers with Remote Return
  • Small Distribution
  • Med/Large Distribution Amps.

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